TJ Marchbank


TJ Marchbank is a Los Angeles based director, writer, and producer. There have always been two things TJ has been overly passionate about. Comic Books and Movies. He not only has a passion for movies themselves but all aspects of how they are made. Growing up in Canton, Ohio, TJ frequently borrowed his parents' VHS-C camcorder and shot little movies with his friends. He then edited them with nothing but the camcorder, a VHS tape, and the VCR. At nineteen, he moved out to LA to pursue a career in acting which ultimately led him back to his original passion of filmmaking. Best decision he ever made!




Beautiful Day 12 Across Pictures October 2018

Something New                           Producer: Ben Baur                 February 2017

Your Driver Has Arrived                12 Across Pictures                  December 2016

Saying Goodbye                          12 Across Pictures                  October 2015

7/20/12                                      Self Produced                        August 2012



#Adulting the Series                   Producer: Thandi Tolmay           August 2015- Present

If You're Alone On Christmas        Buzzfeed Motion Pictures         November 2016

Hilly Mountain Artisinal Hammers  Scottish Kurtsies                     February 2016